Aromatherapy is the use of essences of fragrant plants for holistic healing and enhance health.  These essences are more commonly known as essential oils and are found in herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, bark, roots or resin of some trees.  Every essential oil has particular therapeutic properties which can treat an extensive variety of physiological and mental conditions when used in association with massage, inhalation, compresses and baths.

A smell can bring on a flood of memories, influence people’s moods and even affect their work performance. Since the olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system, an area so closely associated with memory and feeling it is sometimes called the “emotional brain”, smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantly.
The essential oils I use are 100% organic and supplied by a company based in Guernsey called Tortue Rouge.  The company has very high standards in producing these oils and they are of exceptional quality and purity.

Each massage blend is tailor-made, after careful discussion about your specific requirements and particular preferences to scents.


Relaxation and stress relief are the most evident benefits of aromatherapy but as much as the oils can sedate and calm, others can be used to invigorate and refresh. There are oils that can have a direct affect on the digestive system, others to sharpen the mind when concentrating or studying, some can stimulate the immune system and there are oils that have aphrodisiac properties!


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Please contact me to see how I can help you. I am happy to discuss and offer any advice on whether you should seek massage or another more appropriate treatment. It is better to do something than leave it. I am a great believer in the fact that the body is not designed to be in pain, it does not like it and we suffer on many levels whilst we are in continued pain.

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